A documentary by Michael Demetrius

At 14 Evripidou Street in the centre of Athens, Mr. Costas and Mrs. Sofia open the doors to their Shelter, where homeless people have a chance to eat a cooked meal, take a shower, wash their clothes, and find themselves in a welcoming environment, significantly different from their daily reality.


From our documentary


  • Photos from the film's director Michael Demetriou


    Michael Demetrius

    Michael Demetrius was born in Athens in 1989 and holds both Greek and American citizenship. He studied Film & Media Directing at New York College and at the University of Greenwich. He is currently studying at the post-graduate program (MA) of Theatrical Studies at the Open University of Cyprus. He is a member of the Union of the Greek. He is also now working on the pre-production of his short film “Cloud”, which has been financed by the Greek Film Center. He has directed the short films “Rainy Days” (2012), “Cocoon for Storydrops” (2014) and “The Bust” (2015), as well as the documentary TV series, “Without Question”.

  • photo by Film Editor Stavros Simeonides


    Stavros Symeonidis

    Stavros Symeonidis was born in 1985 in Athens. He studied Audio-Visual Arts at the Aegean University. Between 2008-2010 he lived in Thessaloniki where he worked at a production company. From 2010 he has a studio in downtown Athens and works as a freelancer editor and videographer. He has worked on eight short fiction films and three documentaries, as well as many advertisements and commercial videos. He teaches the art and technique of editing in private lessons and seminars and studies the theory of Mass Media and is actively involved in acting in theatrical workshops and seminars.

  • photography by the film sound engineer Christos Sakellariou


    Christos Sakellariou

    Christos Sakellariou was born in Athens. He graduated in 2009 from the First Vocational High School in Haidari as an audio-visual technician. He started studying sound engineering at IEK AKMH in 2009 and graduated in 2011 with state certification. He then studied music technology at the Metropolitan College of Athens, graduating in 2015 and he holds a ΒSc (Hons) in Music Technology from the pre-degree programme of musical technology of the University of East London. In 2015 he started working as a sound designer in film, TV and theatre. He has worked as a recording sound mixer on five short films and as a sound designer on two short films and a documentary. He has also worked with organizations such as "TEDx", "Greenpeace" and "Αltcine" for the sound design of TV and internet commercials. For the theatre he has worked as a soundboard operator and as a sound designer for theatrical performances. He is currently working on Michael Demetrius’ TV documentary series, “Without Question”. In his free time he works with electronic circuits and digital sound systems for exhibition spaces.

  • photography by director of photography of the tape Nick Thomas


    Nikos Thomas

    Nikos Thomas was born in 1987 in Athens. He studied at the Aegean University in the department of Cultural Technology and Communication, with a major in Audio-Visual Arts. He completed his studies with an internship at a production company. He has taken part in seminars on directing, cinematography, and editing. Since 2011 he has lived in Athens and has worked as Cinematographer and operator on both feature and short films, as well as company videos, advertisements, and musical videos. For the last four years he has been a partner at Christos Pytharas’ ‘filmschool’ directing seminars, where he teaches cinematography and camera use. He was Director of Photography of Nikos Kornilios’s feature film, “11 meetings with my father” (2012) which was nominated for Best Film and Best Male Lead for the Greek Film Academy Awards of 2013. For Anastasios Gotzis’ short film “Oreo to moustaki sou Giorgio” he was given an award from the Union of Greek Cinematographers (GSC) at the 2013 Drama Short Film Festival.

Director: Michael Demetrius | Cinematography: Nikos Thomas | Editing: Stavros Symeonidis | Music: Stamos Sperdouklis | Production Assistant: Tonia Zisimatou | Sound: Christos Sakellariou Sound Design: Christos Sakellariou | VFX Artist: Padelis Agoris Poster Graphics: Iris Panagopoulou | Special Thanks to: Chrysanthi Agori, Dimitris Ampatzis, Alexis Quantas, Katerina Charalampous, Sen Na